Our Vision

Our Vision

We passionately serve, equip, and encourage our clients and each other.

Our Credo

Lab Medical Group is a place where we genuinely care for and comfort our client’s and each other. We pledge to provide the finest personal service and will promote a warm, relaxed, and refined ambiance. We passionately serve the expressed and the unexpressed wants and needs of our clients.


Three Steps of Service:

1. A warm and sincere greeting.

2. Use doctor’s last name and a patient’s first name. We anticipate and fulfill the needs of those we service.

3. Fond farewell. We give a warm good-bye and thank you for the opportunity to serve the practice.

Our Service Values:

1. Build strong relationships on a daily basis.

2. Be responsive to expressed and unexpressed wants/needs of our team and customers.

3. Empower everyone involved in our business to create a personal vision statement, which furthers our brand.

4. Embrace the communities we live and work in.

5. Relish in our civic responsibilities and charity work.

6. Own and immediately resolve issues.

7. Foster an environment of Teamwork and Knowledge Management.

8. Be involved in each other’s lives.

9. Protect the privacy and security of our team and customers.

10. While our goal is to be profitable our goal is to also donate part of our income to various churches and charities.

Our Goals:

1. Build Business: Our relationship begins when those we serve prosper. Our results oriented laboratory services use our developed protocol, which allows health care providers to fully understand patient’s needs. We focus on how and why along with the mental well-being of all.

2. Provide Exceptional Customer Service: When anyone contact us we will treat them with respect and spend time to understand first. We provide solutions, not excuses. We enjoy working with our customers and work to develop a long term relationship.

3. Highest Quality Testing: Our primary goal is to provide not only the highest quality lab testing, but the highest quality analysis- this may cost a little more to do, but we want our client’s to understand and be empowered to the fullest.

4. Fast Results: Our goal is to provide test result analysis as quick as possible. As we continue to grow we will develop more services so our clients can enjoy our high level results with fast turnaround times.

5. We will always apply the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity and commitment, we nurture and maximize talent to the benefit of each individual and the company.

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