1. Why order a urine toxicology panel?

A: Ordering a urine toxicology panel can help in many was including to protect not just the patient but the payer and the physician. Toxicology panels help monitor patient medication compliance, also to help prevent drug misuse, abuse or diversion. Urine Toxicology panels also detect possible negative drug to drug interactions and disclose use of illicit drugs.

2. What are your turnaround times?

A: Urine toxicology Panels are available 24 hours from the time the sample is received. Most blood panels are final within 24 hours from time sample is received. Additional tests may be requested after the lab has received the samples but may extend the turnaround time to 2-4 business days. ** Same day STAT is available on some tests. **

3. What drugs/medications are tested on UDT?

A: Comprehensive panel will test 12 major drug classes, our comprehensive panel will also test for over 80 prescribed medications. Alcohol, illicit drugs, and marijuana are available for testing.

4. How accurate are your urine toxicology results?

A: Our laboratory uses state of the art technology and well trained, friendly staff to bring you accurate and reliable testing results. Our labs use highly selective methodology called mass spectrometry (MS), this allows for the laboratory to make absolute identifications. Instant urine testing cups or dipsticks do not offer this level of selectivity or accuracy which is why urine specimens should be submitted to our laboratory for testing.

5. How do I get my reports?

A: For your convenience, reports can be viewed via one of the following medias; Online, fax or mailed. A HIPPA compliant mobile app is available for Urine Toxicology Reports. LMG is also able to upload results directly into your EMR per request. Our staff has worked with EMR’s like KIPU, Practice Fusion, Best Notes, Eclinical and manny more!

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